Wednesday, April 29, 2009

no comments, no one reading

maybe i need to provide a better layout or a different name or more 'about me' content on my bio page....
i think i've provided all the information any young DIY investor will ever need to make safe informed decisions that protect their money and earn a happy, reliable rate of return.
no one seems to notice.
worse, when i comment to other investor blog spaces on the net, i am shunned as being a radical or i am completely censored and none of my insights get shared with the online community.
i'm trying to help these people.
maybe i need to try harder and i'm open to suggestions.


  1. I'm still reading...

    I think if you want to attract a wider audience you need to stay away from making subjective judgemental statements (as difficult as that may be for you, and as entertaining as it may be for me) and stick to backing up your arguements with facts. You need to maintain credibility if people are to take you seriously, and that's not going to happen with posts like "income vs. income". Sorry if this sounds harsh, it's not meant to be - just some constructive criticism for you. Keep it up.

  2. I'd also like to see more content on actual bond investment (how to purchase them, how to evaluate and analyze them). That is what I'm interested in learning. There is so much equity information out there, and so little bond information.

  3. blitzkrieg, thank you so much for commenting.
    yes you are absolutely correct i do tend to ramble and rant and rave.
    just check through some of the previous posts about how to buy a bond (using an online brokerage, it's just as easy- if not easier- to buy a bond than a stock).
    i would suggest you open an account with TD Waterhouse (they are considered the best for overall quality of bonds, selection, and fair pricing). sadly the commission price is hidden when you see the list of available bonds on their electronic bond desk (the fixed-income section of the web-broker).
    bonds are typically sold in units that begin at the $1000 range, though some start at $5000, some at $500.
    evaluating them for their quality is a multi-step process, but you can follow the same process when trying to pick a stock and simplify it.
    1- look at the company you are buying a bond from: do you understand what their business is, who they deal with, who their competitors are, what the business evironment is like (cyclical vs. utility business)
    -utilities like gas companies, power companies are safer because they are sitting on real assets they can use to pay down any debt they are having trouble financing, therefore lower credit risk
    2- look at the actual rating from 2-3 of the big ratings agencies. Investment grade bonds will begin at BBB. though there are still differences among BBB bonds. Aeroplan and Shaw Cable are both BBB bonds, personally I feel shaw is less of a risk because they at least have the assets of their cable and internet network. Aeroplan only has Air Canada to depend on keeping their reward system profitable.
    3- consider the length of time you must hold the bond for: keeping a corporate bond for more than 7 years doesn't make much sense. The yield will not be dramatically higher on a 20 year bond than it will on an 8 year bond. getting your money back before inflation can rear it's ugly head is important when thinking about creating a laddered portfolio.

    because of all the economic uncertainty, i've shortened my ladder and don't keep any 10 year bonds for the simple reason that it's simply too difficult to know what will happen and who will survive down the road. flexibility and cash are king and queen.

  4. i'm starting to see i should take a more back-to basics approach and explain the process a step at a time.
    i reallly appreciate your comments.

  5. Your content is good. I wouldn't change it; there are insights that you don't easily find elsewhere. Competing on the "101-level" is much harder as that is where the majority of blogs live.

    What turns people away is your attitude, see especially 1 and 5.

    In terms of design, you can edit the HTML to get rid of the top bar. I would suggest doing so as it makes your blog look more "pro". Otherwise your design is fine. Your "bigintobondage" does suggest a certain Wall Street locker room vibe. I think it's funny, but there are probably people who get offended in the "if you seek Amy" sense.